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Graphic Design should be an Art before it's a Science. At Big Web, our Science is Art. We pride ourselves on being the absolute best and brightest. We'll guide you to your ultimate look and feel that you'd be proud to show anyone.

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Lets get social. Social Media has become one of the most succuessful means of reaching your target audience, and at Big Web, we eat, breathe, and sleep Social Media. We'll guide you through your Social Marketing plan and have you feeling like a Pro!

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Veteran Owned Small Business

In recognition of the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform who made the transition to small business owners first began with Public Law 106-50 or the Veteran owned small business The Veterans Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Act of 1999. The purpose of the Act was to establish new assistance programs for Veterans that were small business owners or planning to make the transition to owning their own business.

OC Web Car

Zero Air Polution Vehicle

Help the economy- using electric cars would help to reduce dependence on foreign oil and this would benefit the economy by a great deal. The money spent in import and export of oil can be spent in some other sectors.

Protect the future- with the environment getting filled by so many pollutants it would be great if you select electric cars as it would be a big step to protect the future of mankind.

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Sometimes you want to just sit down face to face and discuss ideas with your designer. Here at Big Web's office we have the facilities to discuss and implement new ideas. Maybe you can't communicate through E-mail, or maybe you just don't like talking on the phone, our doors are open. We are also willing to come see you! In our Zero Emissions All Electric Company Car we have no problem meeting you at your office. Come on down and say hi!

U.S. D.O.D. Approved

United States Department of Defense Approved Standards

The Standards Profile defines the set of IT standards that support the services articulated in Government Related Projects and Activities. Big Web being a Veteran Owned Small Business, maintains the highest standards in all services provided. Please visit www.defense.gov for more information on The Department of Defense and Government I.T. Standards.


No matter what your budget, we have something that works for you!
5 Page HTML Web Design
Contact Form
Image Gallery
Domain Name
Social Media Links
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10 Page HTML5 Website
Up to 3 Submission Forms
Video/Image Gallery
Paralax Design
*Includes Starter Pack
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15 Page HTML5 Website
5 Widgets/Submission Forms
Video/Image/Media Gallery
Full Custom Layout/Graphic Design
Ecommerce Solution
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Database Package
Fully Coded Database
Custom Ecommerce
Custom Graphic Design
Mobile App Design
Email Blast Design
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No doubt you've seen us in traffic. Honk if you see us around!

Our Eco-Friendly Fully Electric Company Car

Zero air pollution- zero air pollution or ZAP is basically the type of future which we would want and it can be achieved through the usage of electricity instead of fuel. When electricity is used in transportation it not only keeps the air pollution free but you would not have to spend for the fuel and the electricity can come from a wide number of sources such as solar cells, wind energy or geothermal power which are renewable resources.

The only GREEN Web Design Firm!


Combat global warming- the carbon emissions from the fuel are the main sources of global warming the depletion of the ozone layer. With electric cars there would be no question of any kind of fuel which would help to make the environment a cleaner and a better place to live in.

Protect the environment- the reduction in the use of fossil fuels would relieve the pressure of the natural resources. Natural resources are being used in leaps and bounds and if this trend continues then the world would be forced to use electric cars


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